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    Search for and filter your accounts. Import and export easily across devices.

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    Deniable Encryption

    Change your passphrase to return different sets of information. One for work, one for personal, one for family, etc.

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    Learn how to secure your information, best practices for passwords (or passphrases), and more.

Quick Password Saver

Our featured online software that stores passwords in your browser's localStorage settings. Our software runs across all designated browsers and devices ensuring security, privacy, and full control over everything.

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We're dedicated to developing. Improving our apps and creating new ones. All apps and updates will be part of your unlimited purchase.

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How Quick Password Saver works

We utilize your browser's Javascript localStorage
and train you how to protect your data with encryption.

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    Quickest signup

    Extremely fast load times.
    Share a link for access.

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    Easily copy/paste into apps and websites.
    Training on how to utilize the clipboard across devices.

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    We update all the time!
    We Create New Apps!

Our pricing & plans

Our software and updates are all included with
Unlimited access for one price.

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  • Family Access
  • Future Updates
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  • Advanced Password Training
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  • Web Software
  • Works In Every Modern Web Browser
  • Works On Mobile & Desktop
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